Today was amazingly awesome because I got my graduation gown today, which means it really is getting close to graduation!!! Also, my kickball team, The Platypi, won against The Besteses 13-2. We are kick their butts!! In our 3 game series, soon to become 4 day, we won 2 out of 3. The scores for the past few games: 0-2; 24-2; and 13-2. They always score two.... huh. Oh well. Also, since me and the captain of the other team know binary, we keep score in binary, and it's so cool, because it's our own code! :D  But yeah, today was also notsome because someone knocked the books out of my hands, including my laptop, and stupidly I hadn't save my notes, and the battery fell out. So I lost all of my notes on homosexual/same sex marriages. Grr!! Also, my Lit. teacher decided to make it harder to get an A, and that B will be pretty much what everyone will get. Why now?! I mean, I wanted to end strong, and I am, but now I'm gunna get a B and my strait A's are going to become strait A's, oh, and a B.... sad face. So yeah, not the best day, but it was pretty good! :D


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