Wow, this is going so fast. Now that I have no more academics, it is so weird when I go to school. It is just straight to Graduation practice, and then lunch, then just hanging out and helping teachers in whatever they need help with. I still haven't fully taken in the fact that there's only 8 consecutive days until graduation. I mean, I know there are, but it hasn't quite hit me yet... When it does, I will be sure to let you know. My friend Kenzie is totally obsessed with ToonTown, what do any of you think about that game? I kind of worry about her sometimes. Today is awesome because this morning Me ( don't know why Me is a proper noun in this sentence, but it is...) and Kenzie did prayer in which we performed the song we wrote, and then asked for special intentions. I played the guitar and sung, while Ken played her melodica [if you do not know what that is, you should know, it is amazing... Google it.]. It was so much fun! I would post the lyrics and stuff, but I would need to ask her, in fact, maybe I will right now... Whoops, to lazy. Oh well. Maybe later. I hope all of you are having amazingly awesome days because I've been having a great time as a free 8th grader that is just days away from summer! Everyone have a nice day!
                                        <3 Nat


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