So, I don't really see how this day wasn't awesome. First of all, it's mother's day, so that just means it's awesome. So I hope all of you told your mom how much you love them and stuff, because it is their day. Also, today it was absolutely beautiful, well, at least in Seattle it was. Along with that, the Mariners are out of their loosing streak (it was 8 games in a row :( ughh) And not only did we win, but we killed the Angels! We won 8-1. And they weren't even able to score until the 8th inning. And in the 4th inning, we hit back to back homeruns. The first was a three run homerun, and the second was a single, but it was amazing anyways. It's was truly a great game, and day over all. I hope everyone else had a great day, so yeah, only 25 more days! :D


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