Wow. I still cannot believe I graduated. It still has not hit me that I am not an eighth grader anymore, and the fact that I have no more school... Just waiting for it to hit me... When it does, I will let you know.
Wow. I cannot believe that tomorrow is my graduation day! This is so incredibly exciting! I would say more, but I need to get my beauty sleep, and I have to get up at 6 [like always] tomorrow and I am incredibly tired. I spent my afternoon enjoying the marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras. What a brilliant show. Well, goodnight!

2 days!


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Today is awesome because my class went to Bullwinkle's Family Fun Center! It was so much fun! There is absolutely nothing I regret about today. I had lots of fun playing lazer tag and bumper boats. My friends and I went on the bumper boats over 5 times and got soaked, and it was not even nice out. But it was still so much fun anyways. This is the life. This is how school should always be.
I'm so excited for graduation!! Tomorrow I have an outing and then the next day I have a retreat. After that, I GRADUATE!! :D Today is awesome because of that, and also that I finally go a church dress, because we have a church graduation ceremony in the morning. I also finaly got some shoes that go with my graduation [evening] dress, and the dress is sparkly! :D As you tell, I am super excited, and estastic for all this to happen. I hope all of you are having an equally amazing end of the year!
Until next time,
I cannot believe that there are only 4 days until my awesome graduation, how do I know it is going to be awesome, well... I just know, ok? [knock on wood...] Anyways, today is awesome because I went shopping with my mother -- Oh my god! Your mom? That must have been horrible!! -- Well, not really. It was really fun, we went to thrift stores, I love thrift stores!! So yeah. I also watched the Victorious marathon on Nickelodeon with my sister, that show is brilliant. Also, I got a necklace in the mail from my future high school and I love it! I cannot believe how close I am to freedom!! Summer, here I come!!! [Oh, did I tell you I gave up contraptions. I am trying to stay away from them. Wish me luck!!]
Sorry for not posting yesterday. Stella, my computer, is being weird still, and the internet is evil. The only reason I have been able to update, was because I would do it at school. So, I'm sorry. I have to figure out what's wrong with Stella!! If anyone knows, let me know. She randomly shuts down, or has her power light on, but the screen is blank. Or, she just won't even turn on. So yeah. How's everyone's weekend so far?
Why won't this week go by any faster!? But to day is awesome because of this:
So yeah, this is so funny. They know more of pi than me though.. :( All I know is: 3.1415926535..... So yeah, don't you forget to be awesome! I hope all of you guys are having a great time right before summer!!
                      <3 Natalie
Wow, this is going so fast. Now that I have no more academics, it is so weird when I go to school. It is just straight to Graduation practice, and then lunch, then just hanging out and helping teachers in whatever they need help with. I still haven't fully taken in the fact that there's only 8 consecutive days until graduation. I mean, I know there are, but it hasn't quite hit me yet... When it does, I will be sure to let you know. My friend Kenzie is totally obsessed with ToonTown, what do any of you think about that game? I kind of worry about her sometimes. Today is awesome because this morning Me ( don't know why Me is a proper noun in this sentence, but it is...) and Kenzie did prayer in which we performed the song we wrote, and then asked for special intentions. I played the guitar and sung, while Ken played her melodica [if you do not know what that is, you should know, it is amazing... Google it.]. It was so much fun! I would post the lyrics and stuff, but I would need to ask her, in fact, maybe I will right now... Whoops, to lazy. Oh well. Maybe later. I hope all of you are having amazingly awesome days because I've been having a great time as a free 8th grader that is just days away from summer! Everyone have a nice day!
                                        <3 Nat

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Nine more days until graduation! I have now officially finished all of my acedemics at my school! Now all I have to do, is prepare for graduation on the 3rd!! Yayyy!! I cannot wait!! Hope all of you had an awesome day!!

10 days!



Good news! We've now started graduation practice! I am so excite for the real thing! No more academics after my Spanish final tomorrow! Yayy!!