I am not everything,
  But I am something.
Tell me no,
  And I'll pretend you said yes.
I am a person,
  And I have feelings too.
I am free,
  But still trapped in this thing we called life.
I am loud,
  Like a thunderstorm on a summer's day.
I am a singer,
  And I sing nothing but the truth.
I am a writer,
  My life is just words on a page.
I am strong,
  Both emotionally and physically.
I am broken,
  But in no need of repair.
I am a child,
  Still constantly reaching out for my mommy's hand.
I am a Seattleite
  The rain brings me joy.
I am a video game character,
  Challenges always stand in my way.
I am a mathlete,
  My mind is all numbers.
I am a nerd,
  And I fight to be heard.
I am a perfectionist,
  I always strive to be better.
I am misunderstood,
  And terrified of what is ahead.
I am confused and unsure,
  But always try to hide it.
I may not be the person you want me to be,
  But that's because it's not your life I'm living.
I am not popular,
  I am not fake.
I am not like everyone else,
  No, I am ME.


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