The Hair on Our Heads
Natalie Wong
My mommy’s hair is blonde, just like a sunny day in summer.
My daddy’s hair is black, just like the night’s sky.
My sister’s hair was brown, but she dyed it black to be rebellious.
My hair is brown, it used to be gold and blonde, but I guess God had another plan for me early on.
My mommy’s hair is short, because she is to busy to take care of long hair.
My daddy’s hair stands up on the top of his head, like grass, and never lies down because it is to short and thin from all of his hard work.
My sister’s hair is medium, she likes to cut it herself because she doesn’t want the people at the salon to ruin her hair, but I think it looks fine the way it is.
My hair is long. It flows down, just like a waterfall. I like it like that, just like a waterfall.



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