Thanks for clicking this link. It is going to be awesome. Ok, so currently I have found a few new - well, not new, just, new to my watching - that I really like. So here they are:

1) ThatZak - Ok, first off, this guy is hilarious and like me, he was a 1990's kid. I also love his sarcasm which I find incredibly entertaining. So if you want to check him out you can click his name, or you can just look at the video below
2) RayWilliamJohnson - Ok, Ok. I know that you are laughing. "Oh my God Natalie! You didn't watch RWJ before hand? Oh my gosh! N00b!" And, I know. A lot of people will think that, and I know that many of you already know of him, but I have become quite fond of him and his videos. But a warning, most - if not all - of his videos should be probably PG-13... I don't know. Maybe. Just take it into consideration for those who are younger...


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