Hey guys!! I have this awesome youtuber called Josh Sundquist. Josh is a writer, motivational speaker, and a hilarous youtuber. Oh yeah, and he also has only one leg. When you found that out, that probably suprised you, but the great this is that Josh is incredibly optimistic and accepting of the fact that he is an amputee. So the reason why that is important is because he has made a digital version of the book that he wrote[Titles: Just Don't Fall], which is all about his childhood, cancer, and amputation. In his series, he does a book on tape kind-of-deal, and then has these awesome drawings that go with it.
His videos are incredibly addicting and in the past few days, I have spent my days watching all of his old videos.... Yup.. I have no life. ANYWAYS, you should deffinitley check out the two videos below and click on his name above.
The two videos below are: 1) the first chapter of his book and 2) one his amazing vlogs. Enjoy!


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