Okay, so this obsession isn't momentary, but whatever. I love Twitter. I am, and always will be, best friends with Twitter. All of my friends make fun of me because I am always saying "I am tweeting this!!!" But it's so addictive, how can I stop? Also, onse when I was with my friend Kenzie in Texas, we were at the pool and this little kid came up to us and we became best friends. [No, we are not creepy.] [Well.... Okay, maybe we are, but that little girl came up to us!] Anyways… We dicussed afterwards how the entire time that we were playing with that little girl, we were just thinking in our heads what exactly we would say when we tweeted about it later. We're just that cool. So if you don't have a twitter already, I would highyly recommend getting one, BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME. Wow.. This was the worst rant ever… Oh well!
        Best Wishes!


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