Okay guys, I just stumbled upon this site while looking up mean pictures of Rebecca Black [What? I'm not a nice person.] and one of the pictures on Google was from this website, so I clicked on it. AND IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Just saying..
It's this great website, weheartit.com, that contains a bunch of pictures and you just "heart" pictures that you like, so you have them at hand. I don't know exactly why I find it so awesome, intreguing, and niffty, but I do.
But yes, I think all of you should check it out because it's lovely. You can check out my account/page/thing [I'm still a n00b to the whole thing, I don't know the cool name yet..] here!

Edit: Oh just kidding, I know what it's called. It's called a heart. So it's my heart! Isn't that cute?!


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