Letter #4


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Dear Alexander, 
        You've done it. You've taken everything and have left me with nothing. I'm just bare and lame. You have my heart, soul, thoughts, eyes, ears, everything. How do you do it? No one seems to understand these feelings I have, so I have given up on telling others about it. That's why I write, cos I just can't seem to litterally get it out for others to hear. I hope you understand. Maybe you're the only one. Just our little secret. 


07/16/2012 09:39

Nice article dude


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    Dear Alex...

    *A Little Background*
    When I was in Middle school, I was irrevocably in "lyke" with a boy named Alexander. And he was cute, and funny, and handsome; but payed no attention to me, so instead, I wrote him love letters.
    So, every Sunday, I will post a new letter. I'll start from the beginning, and work my way to the present. Enjoy!
    PS: "lyke" was a word I used for young love. And this is not actually happening at this moment, it's from the past, when I was 12 - 14.


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