Dear Alexander, 
        Remember that one time in Science. When I turned around, and you were sitting right behind me, and you looked me straight in the eye with the cutest little look on your face. I remember that all that seemed to some from me was a gasp and "I-- I...I-I... I um.." I was going to ask you a quesiton about our Science homework, because Maggie was sick, so no one was beside me, but that idea crashed and burned the moment I locked eyes with you. 
        I don't know why or how I remember that moment so well, I just know that I do. Sometimes it gets stuck in my head, which baffles me, because it's really just a stupid memory. I know it's stupid, but just remember: I lyke you.


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    Dear Alex...

    *A Little Background*
    When I was in Middle school, I was irrevocably in "lyke" with a boy named Alexander. And he was cute, and funny, and handsome; but payed no attention to me, so instead, I wrote him love letters.
    So, every Sunday, I will post a new letter. I'll start from the beginning, and work my way to the present. Enjoy!
    PS: "lyke" was a word I used for young love. And this is not actually happening at this moment, it's from the past, when I was 12 - 14.


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