Dear Alexander,    
    Even though it's November, I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to the mini amusementarkk by th science center. You know the one called FunForest? I want to ride the ferris wheel, if that's okay with you. I know it sounds cheesy and stupid, but that's always been my dream date, going on rides at an amusement park, and a final ride on the ferris wheel. Nice a slow, taking in the scenery, not worrying about going through life too fast or missing anything that goes by in our lives. And you and I holding hands. I'm sorry, is that too cheesy for you? Yeah.. That sounds kind of stupid. 


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    Dear Alex...

    *A Little Background*
    When I was in Middle school, I was irrevocably in "lyke" with a boy named Alexander. And he was cute, and funny, and handsome; but payed no attention to me, so instead, I wrote him love letters.
    So, every Sunday, I will post a new letter. I'll start from the beginning, and work my way to the present. Enjoy!
    PS: "lyke" was a word I used for young love. And this is not actually happening at this moment, it's from the past, when I was 12 - 14.


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