So.. as I was posting, I realized that today is the official day of 1 month on weebly. I'm pretty proud of myself for even sticking with this for more than a day and making more than one post...  So, to celebrate, I decided to post one of my favorite part of my story, that I have decided to rename Curtain Call. This is the unedited version. It was originally a dream and I wrote it down, so some of it is from my point of view. The reason this exert is special, is because it's not in the story/document that I put up on this website, so it's never before read.. kinda. So here it is!

There in a bright light, was the girl in my story.
Light brown, curly hair just below her shoulders; copper eyes; olive skin; It had to be her.
She looked confused. scared of the white around her. Then a scene washes the white space with colors. A park to be exact, the park ove by Green Lake to be most exact.
She goes to sit on a bench, like she's waiting for someone. But who? Then, Max, the boy from my story, walks up. With his messy dark brown hair, sky blue eyes, crooked smile, and tan skin. One hand in the pocket of his dark blue jeans. Looking at Tammie. Walking over to her. His hand reaching out to her, and her taking it.
They both take a seat on the bench. She studies his face, as he studies hers. Finally, Max opens his mouth. At first, nothing comes out. "I,I,I," He babbles, his eyes locked to hers. "I wanted to tell you something, J.B."
There's no going back now. Tammie lightly nods, signaling him to go on. "I know we've been friends all these years, but, um," He says hesitantly, "I love you Tammie Ellis Lee, or, er, Juice Box, J.B., or, uh, T.E.L. You're all I've ever wanted."

Suddenly, the dream switches to Tammie's point of view.

What am I supposed to say? But before I could say anything, his hand was holding my chin, pushing his soft lips against mine. I close my eyes, hoping to just wake up from this crazzy dream. Max slowly pulls away; he opens his mouth to speak, but I cut in before he could even take in a breath.
"I, uh, I have to go." I said, unsure of myself. I study his face, trying to figure out what he was thinking, wondering what will happen next. I don't know what to say, or do. I don't want to say something stupid.
"Um," I get up and walk away from him, not looking back, not knowing what I was doing. Crossing my arms, my heart speeding like a car on a race track, 1,000 miles per hour. I start getting hotter and hotter; did that just happen? I asked myself.
Either way, I started to feel quezy and unsure. Everything turned into a blurr at once. Then, quickly going black.

A scream.
Complete silence, in the darkness of my head...

I hope you like it. So yeah. If you haven't already, check out my story, Curtain Call, on the "my story" tab. :)

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