Hello there Lovelies!
    I have good news and bad news.
    The good news is that I've started another novel, which in a way could also be the bad news... I mean, it's great. Yay! New novel! But at the same time, who knows when I'm going to finish it? But believe me guys, this ones going to be good one. :) And now that I'm excited, you guys better get freaking excited. Or not, you know... your choice. [If you'e been with me long enough to laugh at the joke and understand it, then: "Cheers!"]
    Some other good news is that school is starting this Thursday! And who is excited for that? *raises hand quietly* No one? No?? Oh, okay... Just me again.
     Anyways... The bad news is that although I've been preparing for school and all that, I haven't exactly read my second summer reading book. It's amazing how I can re-read Looking for Alaska four times in one week, but I can't even read one chapter of my summer reading book. It actually quite sucks to say the least. [Not the Looking for Alaska part, but the summer reading book part] 
    Wow, this is such a failure of a blog post.. Sorry about that, Dream Box. I guess all of my writing skills are going towards my novel - and only my novel - tonight. So I'm just going to awkwardly wrap this up because I want to get back to writing, and I really just have nothing else to say. Alright, well I'll see you soon, when that is? I have no idea - but I'm getting there.
08/24/2011 6:21am

hey cat tong,

i.miss.you. prep sucks for taking you.

p.s. does this novel have to do with a certain love affair from this summer?



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