So, I've always been that person who has random obsessions and likes, that don't always have an explanation. And I never try to hide these things from people, I just don't point them out, so usually people just figure it out on their own. But I just feel like sharing some with you.
1] I like using the brackets much more than actually using parenthesis. I like the shape better. And I feel like it can be more of a consistant shape than parenthesis will ever be when I'm writing just because curves always seem to be disproportionate
2] I really like guy names for girls. Such as Frankie, Charlie, Payton, Alex, Joey, Aidan, Sam. I don't know, I just find it incredibly cute. And if I were to ever have a daughter, I would probably name her Frankie or Payton.
3] I have an absoulte obsession about numbers and patterns. I start a math problem, I have to finish it. I'm in the car, I see a number I look for patterns. I look at license plates to see if numbers or letters are signifigant. I wake up at 5:43 instead of 5:45 because I like the numbers in decending order. When I'm nervous I count. It comforts me, but it always keeps me working, wanting more, more answers to the random numbers, so it's impossible for me to "count sheep" to help me fall asleep.
4] I love writing, and I can't seem to stop myself, but sometimes I find myself in a slump for months. Never writing a single thing.
5] I like holding a book. I will never buy a kindle or nook or whatever, because I won't have the simple pleasure of holding a book in my hand, and flipping the pages with care.
6] I like English vocabulary. No, no the American English, but the original one, from England. I never wish to make fun of them, I just love their words. I use fit all the time, and horrendous and mental. I have actually taught myself to say tid-bits of their vocabulary because I am in awe.

So those are 6 facts/obsessions about me. Let me know something about you, or what your obsessions are in the comments! [I hope that wasn't too much information, I totally just ranted.. Sorry.]
Hey! So if you didn't notice, I made a new page/blog. It is the 5th down on the left. It's called Dear Alexander. Why? Because I had this huge crush on this guy when I was younger and wrote letters to him instead of actually talking to him, and I thought it might be fun to share them with someone other than myself. They go in order, and I will be posting every Sunday until the letters are gone, and then maybe I'll continue to write, you never know. So go check it out!! :D
"You need to realize that he doesn't care. And you could be missing out on someone who does"
Ps. I got a formspring. You should go check that out. Okay bye!!
So remember the tragic death of Stella? [For all of you newbies, Stella was my old computer] Well I have gotten a new computer!! *Cue celebration music*
Okay, Okay. So my computer isn't exactly new. I got her in november, so I could write any where opposed to having to run home and type on a desktop while also juggling a high school sport [gymnastics] and all other things while doing NaNoWriMo. But the reason I am introducing her now is because I have finally gotten around to naming her! Yayyy!! So her name is Charlie, short for Charlotte. And with your prior knowledge you can probably guess why I named her that. But I will tell you the reason anyways!
Charlie is Charlie because I originally got her for my novel production of NaNoWriMo. And as many of you may know, my Novel is titled: The Unfortunately True Story of Charlie Armstrong. So, it only seemed appropriate to name her after the main character of my novel because she is the reason I was able to finish in time.
So say hello! I'm hoping Charlie will be with us for a long time!
Okay guys, I feel really bad that I've been ignoring you. I'm sorry.. Everytime I think about writing a post, I just am not up to it, I don't know why. Anyways, to update you on my life since December here's some important things:
   -Went Ziplining!
   -Happy New Years!
   -Gymnastics Meet!
   -Happy National Alaska Young day! [Jan. 10]
   -Watch Girls turn into animals day. [Winterball tickets    came on sale.]
   -Study, Study, Study
   -Happy Finals! [Except Not...]
   -Happy Birthday Big Brother!
   -Happy Birthday Grandma!
   -Winterball!! :D
   -Happy Birthday Self!
   -Awesome Epic Ninja Nerfgun Battle!
So yeah.. That's how my most of January but also parts of December and Feburary went for me. Isn't that nifty? Anyways, if you're one of my friends and hoping that I video taped me and Mau's Awesome Epic Ninja Nerfgun Battle, you're out of luck. But it was both awesome and epic. And we are going to make a documentary about it, because we did things other than just having a Nerfgun battle, we also traveled to my friend Connor's house via 3 buses and a lot of walking and running, which hurt my ankle a lot. Which reminds me! I also now have a Stressed Ankle Bone, which is just lovely, so I was not allowed to participate in my Metros meet for gymnastics. So Jank. But what ever, I have 3 more years.. Okay. From now on I promise to attempt to blog at least once a week as long as one person comments on this post. Deal?
        Best Wishes!