Gwen choaking me at the Ice Rink
    Hello everybody! I just wanted the whole world to know that it is my friend Gwen's birthday! I love her to pieces, and have already spammed her Facebook Profile with birthday comments. :) So just to let Gwen know that she is truly loved, I wanted to make a Blog Post about it, and just say hi to all of you. So yeah, Happy Birthday Gwen! Also, if you want to let her know that you love her @reply her on twitter! Her domain is: @glmh96. And no, I will not give you her facebook to go post on... Who are you? Some rapist?! Go find someone else to molest. Anyways.. Let's all hope she had a blooming lovely day in where ever she is.. [She only told me she's out of town.. Her location? Unknown.] 
    Also, a little background on Gwen: She's awesome, but who didn't already guess that?! She went to my old school, and she likes Elmo's alter-ego, which she calls Melmo. Because obviously everyone knows that Elmo is secretly evil, and only Melmo is the good one. She is groovy, and likes iCarly, which I also love, if you didn't know that. We bond over iCarly and I don't really know who her favorite character is for sure, but I believe she really likes Kebo the Groovy Smoothie guy. Also, when we were in 6th grade we went to her house to dye easter eggs, but we ended up tye-dying our white socks and I still have my pair. So obviously she's an amazing person, and I love her with a passion. :]
    So yeah, that's all I have to say for today, well, actually I have some other things but I'll save them for another day! So once again, Happy Birthday Gwen! Best Wishes! -Nat
Hey guys! I haven't seen you in a while! So, I know that I promised you that I would blog as soon as I got home from Florida, but guess what?? I was lying! Imagine that! Oh boo, it's okay, I'm here now. Aren't I? So just wanted to let you know that while I was on my trip, me and my friends made some raw, unedited vlogs. So if you want to check that out I made a playlist on my Channel. And you can see the first video over here:
But in other news, I've been spending a lot of time in Your Pants and on the Ning. I forgot how awesome those two were until recently. I'm also looking for people to possibly do a Collab with. So if any of you lovely Nerdfighters out there are interested, let me know! [I started a thread in your pants is your interested... Just thought you should know. I had this great idea that it could be an international collab, like FiveAwesomeGuys, but I'm not sure if I'll find a bunch of teens from different places.] Anyways, that's all I've been up to. But I PROMISE to post tomorrow because it's my friend Gwen's birthday, and I plan on making her a Birthday post. So stay tuned!
        Nat <3