Hello! Sorry I have not been posting lately. Guess where I have been? It is grand.... Have you guessed yet? Ok. I will wait until you guess. . . . . . . Ok, you better have guessed already! I was at the Grand Canyons!!! For all of you who guessed that, you get a great big cyber-hug with love from me to you. If you didn't guess that, well, I thought it was easy enough. And for my friends who already knew and guessed correctly, well, you are a cheater. Love you!  :D
Anyways, the Grand Canyons are cool, but after looking at Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, the northern Grand Canyon, and now the southern Grand Canyon, I am totally canyoned out. Also, I am kind of upset because my mother and father would not go to Fairytale Canyon. So I totally missed out on that. I mean, seriously, it is called FAIRYTALE CANYON!!! How does it get better then that? Oh well. I hope all of you are having fabulous summer vacations, and for those who haven't gotten out of school yet, hang in there!! It is so worth it! Also for anyone who has graduated recently, [such as my friends Lily, Nina, and Eamon!] congrats!!
Wow, I cannot believe I graduated... Now that summer is here, I realize how lonely it can get. I miss my friends Jack and Clare so much. I mean, I miss my other friends too, but I have seen them more this summer. So I have some advice for people: During the summer, do not be afraid to get fully booked with your friends. It will be so worth it.
I. Love. Rocky. And. Bullwinkle!
I mean, what is not to love? Rock is a flying squirrel and Bullwinkle is an awesome moose. They also have their very own family fun center, along with a resturant with a mechanical Rock and Bullwinkle that play the banjo and symbol while you eat! Also, their cartoons are brilliant! What do you guys think about them?