So, if you follow me on twitter, you would know I have been leaving nerd notes around Seattle. And If you don't, well... I have. And so in the nerd notes I would write a note and an email asking the finder to let me know they have recieved the nerd note. [By the way, if you don't know what a nerd not is, it's a thing that Nerdfighters do. In which they leave notes for other Nerdfighters in John Green books and occasionally other books.] Any ways, So I finally got an email from someone about my nerd note. They had found the one in the University Book store, and I thought that was so cool. So, like any other nerd, I looked them up on Facebook and Twitter. I found the person on Facebook with only one click, which I found odd, and I realized that I had mutual friends with the fellow Nerdfighter. She was friends with my old pal Nina and went to the same school as her. This made me realize just how small the world is. I mean, can you believe that?! I just thought that was so cool so I wanted to share that with you. :) 
           Natalie <3
People don't realize how much they influence others in such drastic ways. At this website, you can let people know, so click this link and find out how you and the others around you are influential to others. Here's the link. I know that I'm asking you to click this link, but then if you have a link, post it, and I will click it too. :) I hope you vote! -Nat
How has your summer been? I have been so incredibly busy!! But it has been so much fun! I was wondering what you guys do during the summer. Do you hang out? Travel? Camp? Go to camp? I'd like to know. So post in tho comments. I'd love to know!!
Two simple words.
Two simple people.
Together, not so simple.
For those two words,
They keep us apart.
Yours in South.
Mine is North.
South America.
North America.
So close word wise.
But geographically,
that is a different story.
Two hearts.
Two people.
Two words.
Two places.
I hope all of you are having a great Fourth of July!! I sure am! What are some tradition you guys [or girls] have for the Fourth? I go down to Long Beach, Wa. with all of my cousins and my grandparents. And we always have clams and oysters on the fourth, and watch the Ocean Park Fourth parade. So much fun!! Also, in the past we would decorate our bikes and ride in the parade. When we were younger we would watch the Long Beach Fireworks show, but for the past 5 years we've set off our own fireworks that we get from the near by Indian reservation. That's fun too. So I have a question for you guys [or girls] What do you do to celebrate America's birthday? Wether it is a tradition or not. I'd love to know. Leave your stories in the comments! And once again, happy birthday America!!