Hey Katherine, you know who you are. I just wanted to thank you for being awesome, and commenting. You see, I do have statistics that say how many hits I get, each day, but I don't know if they're actually reading or even caring, so thanks for commenting! It let's me know that people out there are listening!! Well... I guess reading.... And also, thanks for wishing me good luck! I'm doing much better than i thought I would. So that's good. So yeah, you rock Katherine!!! And all you other readers that don't comment. But maybe not as much as Katherine... just kidding, I love you all. :D
Do you guys do Daily Booth? I do Daily Booth! And as a school year resolution, even though it is not school related, is to do the Daily Booth Daily Challenge. [Oh Snap. (Get it?!?! Because it's a picture taking site? haha. So funny. :D) ] So, if you don't know already, Daily Booth is a website where you are to take a picture daily. And I have failed to do this on my Daily Booth for quite some time now, but I am up to the challange this year!!! So if you want to watch me fail, or succeed. [It's to early to tell..] Come check it out on my Daily Booth page/account thingy. Link Here. [http://dailybooth.com/Nawee] Yay Daily Boothers!!!
Guess what. I had school today.
I got up at 5:43. But I was happy to get up because the numbers were in decending order and I love it when that happens with numbers on the clock. I also like it when it's 3:14, because it's pi!!! :D
Anyways, you may be thinking, EWWW! School?! So early? That's gross. But it was fun. Well... more fun then I thought it would be. I cannot believe I am a freshman. A FRESHMAN!! How cool is that?! Well... I think it's cool atleast. So I hope you guys are enjoying your summers or enjoying your new school year.
I over heard a kid in Target saying to his mom: "It just seems that there are more school days than summer days..." And that's a reminder. That summer days are scarce [At least they are compared to the school days], and you need to enjoy them. I hope all of you did.
Has anyone else realized how close we all are to the new school year?! I have. At my school, we start on the 27TH OF AUGUST!!! Can you believe that!?!!?! And I still have to finish my summer reading book!!!!! When do you guys stary school? And Do you have summer reading?
So, the other day, I was on Bulbapedia.net which is none other than the Wiki for all things Pokemon. Now, as I was searching around for fun, reading about the other verisons I didn't have and reading the story line of the one I have finished.. Well, guess what I found out. I can never finish my pokedex. That's right. Unless one of my friends can breed another Ancient Kyogre any time soon and even want to, I cannot finish my pokedex. Reason? Because there is only one in the whole game, and I killed it before I could capture it. I didn't know it at the time, but when I was reading the storyline, that was the case.... :-/ How unfortunate is that?!?! Oh well, I should stop moping. But I love pokemon, and I will add the Pokemon theme song to this blog. Enjoy. [I know all the words and made dance moves. :) ]