So I pretty much failed on the 3rd day. Which is awesome... And a hugeeee fail. But what ever. Anyways, high school has been so crazy I'm finding that I don't have much time to keep up with things out of school when I can barely keep up with things going on at school. But if any of you guys have dailybooths and/or are doing the dailybooth challange, be sure to send me a link! That would be AWESOME!! :D So yeah... I'm so good at failing. :)
So... I decided I should write a blog post... but I don't really know what to write about...
Hey! I thought of something. So, you might know by just reading my blog posts that I like grammar and I'm not a huge fan of text language. Like.. I know text language, and I understand it, but I never use it really. Anyways, back to Grammar, I really like grammar and it's just this thing that I can obsess about. And so this book I read, The House on Mango Street, [I don't know if you've heard about it, but it's kind of a big deal.] and I hated it. I mean, it had a great plot and it was a good story, but there were so many grammatical errors I just wanted to go attack Sandra Cisneros' editor!!  Also, there were absolutely no quotation marks!! I mean, what is up with that?!?! That's like Shakespeare with out his stories!! You just can't seperate them! For example: On facebook the other day my cousin posted a suicide letter. We were all freaking out, but after a bunch of comments, she commented: "Oh yeah, did I say I was quoting my book? Oops. Sorry, I fotgot the quotation marks!" SEE!!!!?!?!?! That is why quotation marks are so imporatant!! That reminds me, John Green, made a video about grammar and Snooki. It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. He explains why grammar is so important even in 140 character tweets. So I'll attach that video below.... or above, I don't really know.
Wow... what I started as a post about not knowing what to post, ended up as a post about Snooki and Grammar. Awesome!!