Merry Christmas everyone!! Here's a Christmas video I made... Sorry that it cuts off early, while uploading, Youtube and Facebook thought it would be fun to cut it off 7 seconds early... Either way, enjoy!
I'd love to know what ever one got!! Be sure to leave comments below!
P.S. I also made a Christmas card that you can find on the "pictures!!yayy!!!" tab on the right.
Hello! It's been a while! [But if you really do love me, you would have noticed that I have been updating my "Momentary Obsessions" quite a bit in the past week or so.] I'm sorry that I have not been posting recently, but I had at least 2 tests everyday until break came around, a gymnastics meet on the 14th, and - of course - the Project for Awesome on the 17th and 18th.
Some of you may not know what the Project for Awesome, so here's my summary: Pretty much it is a day when all Nerdfighters, and other youtubers, get together and take over youtube for charity. The way that we take over youtube is by making videos about our favorite charities and uploading them on the 17th. Then, on the 17th and 18th, we all go around favoriting, liking, commenting, and sharing those videos so that the videos are on the most dicussed list and are seen by more people.
This year, Youtube got together with John and Hank Green [the Vlogbrothers] and helped them create a live show and even changed the icon in the upper left hand corner into the Project for Awesome symbol. So, as you might have guessed, all of Friday and Saturday I was commenting, favoriting, and liking P4A videos. I also watched the entire live show on Saturday. [I really need a life] ANYWAYS, this is my favorite p4a video from this year. I hope you like it.
P.S. It's by Josh Sundquist. You should go check him out.
Okay, if you looked at the title of this blog post and thought that I had more Curtain Call for you, think again. SORRY, but I have not gotten on that yet...
But I do have something else for you! Yay!
So I was told to write a Personal Essay about a past conflict in my life, and I did. But since Personal Essays can be just like short stories, I think you guys will like it. My essay is all about my 5th grade experience. And if you are not one of my close friends, you won't know that I transfered schools in 5th grade, so here's a little bit of background info you should know:

-When I was in 5th grade I transfered to a small, independent school to a large, catholic private school.
-I am not actually catholic, I am an Agnostic.
-The rest of my family is catholic.
-I was incredibly depressed during 5th grade.
-Although I mostly appear to be a happy and joyful person, I am a very dark and depressing person at heart.
-Names have been changed
-My essay is nothing but the truth

So if you like reading amature writing, and have nothing better to do [which I think you do, but hey, I won't judge], then you can head on over to the "Other Stories" tab, and then look for the tab named "A Single Rope Is All I Need". Enjoy!
Best Wishes!!
Hey! So any of you who have read this blog currently, know that I have been taking part in the awesome thing called NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and challenges regular people to write a 50,000+ word novel in one month.
And guess what.
I DID IT!! I finished my book on time! Even with the horrible snow storm and gymnastics everyday except sundays and a trip to the Bay Area [where NaNoWriMo originated from] to visit family, and even through all of that, I made it!
Honestly, it still has not hit me that I have written an entire novel in a single month... So I am waiting for that to kick in... I have always had that problem that I am not excited or I am not sad until I really processed what has happened, why it has happened, and what effect that has on me. I have this need to process everything, which messes withmy sudden reactions. [Although I did do a 30 second long happy dance when I finished.... Note: Do not EVER do a happy dance in a drYupp...
ANYWAYS, Back to NaNoWriMo and everything. So Now that I have actually finished a novel, and it is completely done [except for editing of course] I will put it up on this website. It will be under the "other stories" tab, and then you will see a tab that says "The Unfortunately True Story of Charlie Armstrong." Youcan click that and either read it in a word document form [I will put up compatability mode and Word 2010], or on a link that will not require you to have word document.
Please keep in mind that this is only a rough draft, and that I might have rushed some parts of it to get it done in a single month. So, enjoy that, and I hope you guys are having an awesome holiday season!
Best Wishes!

I would also like to apologize for keeping you on a cliff hanger on the "Curtain Call" Story. But because of High school and all of the other things going on in my life, I have not gotten around to finishing it yet. I know what will happen in my head.. It is just the execution of it that it holding me back. Sorry about that!