I forgot to post on my 29 days post that I also learned how to count up to 32 in binary on my hand. 4 is your middle finger. :D But yeah, I think that's pretty cool. Also, I was playing kickball with my friends, and I'm glad to say that my team, The Platypi, won against The Besteses, 24 - 2! We totally EDGAR ALLEN PWNED! But yeah. I think both of those things are really cool, it's probably because I'm a huge nerd, but that's ok! Today was an amazing day, including my teen sleep needs presentation, exit exam, Hank-o-de-Mayo, Cinco de Mayo, getting random people to sign my shirt __name__ got their sleep on (although my history teacher, Mr. Finn wrote "It's complicated -Finn" because it's his favorite movie, or something.... But I'm still thinking..... Why? Just...... why?), gymnastics class, and everything else that happened today. And yes, for all you wondering, I enjoyed all of those activities today, including the exit exam.

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