Hey! So if you didn't notice, I made a new page/blog. It is the 5th down on the left. It's called Dear Alexander. Why? Because I had this huge crush on this guy when I was younger and wrote letters to him instead of actually talking to him, and I thought it might be fun to share them with someone other than myself. They go in order, and I will be posting every Sunday until the letters are gone, and then maybe I'll continue to write, you never know. So go check it out!! :D
"You need to realize that he doesn't care. And you could be missing out on someone who does"
Ps. I got a formspring. You should go check that out. Okay bye!! http://www.formspring.me/ThisIsNawee
03/02/2011 6:38pm

hmm..I sense troubles with Jack?, what? And you're talking about Alexander McCullough?

03/02/2011 6:49pm

Haha, No. I just have a personal rule of not talking about my personal life until it is completely over. So that's what I did. Never talked about it when I was experiencing it, and now I am cos it's not really part of my life anymore. Like, I wouldn't and am not planning on talking about me and Jack cos it's personal at the moment.


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