Hey guys! 
So this week is my last week before my spring break, and my blog-a-versary will be on Thursday, so I will be trying to blog as much as I can, and make it interesting for once. For spring break, I will be off in Florida, leaving the beautiful Washington behind, and exploring with my friends in Disney World and Harry Potter World. So I don't think I will have much time to blog that entire week, and Weebly doesn't have an app so I don't know how I would even get onto Weebly.. So yeah. ANYWAYS. Because of the fact that I actually have a life - yes, I know it's suprising, I even suprise my self... now stop laughing - I won't be posting from Saturday April 2 to Friday April 8. So now that we are all up to track, let's have a 5 second dance party! [Remember those?] ANNNNDDD... GO!  :D [I'm dancing right now, if you didn't know.]

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