So, today, my awesome friend named Charlie is now 14! I met Charlie at a speech tournament a while ago, and he's pretty amazing. So, I just wanted to wish him a happy birthday. So yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
So, last night, I was at the ning (and if you don't know what that is, click here.). Anyways, I joined the Nerdfighters Pen Pal group, and I just got three emails from people asking to be my pen pal, or responding to my request. I'm pretty excited for this, I've always wanted a pen pal! I always thought it would be really cool. But yeah. It's pretty exciting.
Also, today I was able to see my friend Jack again, the one who was gone on a trip, because being away from each other for 5 days was just way to long. So, today over all, was a good day. But knock on wood, the day isn't over quite yet....

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