Hey guys! How are you? What is up in your life? Do you like Peanut butter? I don't. Anyways, I just wanted to say "Hi" because I have been gone for a REALLY long time now; and I'm sorry. I just went through, and still am, going through a really hard break-up. So I haven't been up to blogging in a while. But forget about that, I have a new thing to talk about! :D The new Starbucks logo! 
Do you guys like Starbucks coffee?? Cos I do! I mean, well, I don't actually like coffee, I like Chai Lattes. But that's beside the point, the point it that there's a new Starbucks logo and it's pretty NIFFTY.
Okay, so that's a lie. It's pretty bland, but hey, I think it's kind of classy. Not too detailed, keeping it clean. I like it, but I'm OCD... So It's not suprising that I like it. [Also, the new heat sleeves are snazzy too.] ANYWAYS, I now challenge all of you to go out and get some awesome Starbucks coffee, or tea, or whatever you drink at Starucks. AND ENJOY IT. And if you live in Seattle like me, do something for me, go to the one in Pike Place, because I had no idea it was a tourist attraction until today, and you should go see and laugh at how rediculous the tourists are. I saw people taking pictures and walking out with large shopping bags full of Pike Place Roast, and cups, and mugs, and all the chiz. So it's pretty funny, because I never thought it was such a big deal, given that you can go to the other FIFTY that are across the street. I mean seriously, those tourist don't seem to realize that there is a Starbucks or Tullys on every corner of Seattle. They don't HAVE to go to that one. But you know what? That's their choice. So yeah... I have ranted way too much. So I'll stop talking... Okay, bye.

I got a weheartit.com account, and I really like it! Check it out! :D (click here)

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