Hello there lovelies!
    It's been awhile, hasn't it? Yeah, well I've been dead - or in other words, sick and exhausted. For the past three weeks I've gotten about 58 hours of sleep total. And then somewhere in the middle I crashed and slept through my entire weekend and then became sleep deprived once again... So it just wasn't a good past few weeks.. 
    Anyways, so two weeks until school gets out! How nifty is that? What will you guys be doing this summer? Do you guys have finals? Are you already out of school? I have finals and I am so incredibly stressed out. 
    By the way, how are you guys? I haven't talked to you in so long and I've been feeling kind of guitly. Also, that Collab that I was talking about awhile ago is still on, we're just figuring out the details now. 
    So right now I'm supposed to be studying for my Finals, and I don't want to so I'm ranting to you guys.. Sorry. What's your favorite class/subject? Mine is definitely Math. It's so much fun! Numbers are the best thing in the world. But I don't really like geometry and trig because I like numbers and not shapes. I mean, sure, you get numbers from the shapes... But you can get numbers from anything, so why spend an entire school year learning about shapes and applying numbers to it? My favorite math is Algebra. Solving for X is so much fun! 
    Okay, well that's enought ranting from me.. I might as well get back to studying. Talk to you later!
    Love, Nat

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