So, I've decided that maybe I should give you a reason I believe in all of those things. A few of the topics have changed, but most of them have stayed the same, so here are my explanations. (I also had to do this for school, so I didn't do this just to post here...)

  I believe in love. Love keeps everyone together. It’s what binds my family together, and keeps one another happy.

I believe in laughter. I love laughing until you can’t even laugh anymore, that’s when you are truly happy. When ever you laugh, you feel happy, and isn’t that we all want in life?

I believe in Nerdfighters. Nerdfighters are like Freedom fighters and fight for nerds, not against them. Nerdfighters is a great community and everyone is so friendly. When Nerdfighters set their mind to something, they can accomplish anything.

I believe in smiles. Smiles are a sign of happiness, and by smiling you let someone know that you care, and that you are happy. Just one smile can make a big difference.

I believe in sticking up for what you believe in. No matter what others say, you should stick up for what you believe in. If you don’t stand up for what you believe in, who will?

I believe in myself. Believing in your self is such an important element in your life. If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t expect others to believe in you, and you won’t go anywhere.

I believe in music. Music is a great way to express your self. Even just listening to music is very inspirational and can make a big impact on one’s life.

I believe in education. By having a good education, you can go far in life. Many people don’t realize just how important education really is.

I believe in art. It’s a way of expression. Once you express yourself, you can figure out who you truly are.

I believe in writing. Writing is a way to express yourself, and bond with others. With writing you can’t go wrong, and it makes you feel much more free.

I believe in fairytales. Stories like Cinderella and Snow White could happen one day. You just have to wait.

I believe in happiness. Happiness is the thing that makes you feel was inside, and makes you love. Happiness is hard to find, but once you do, it is so worth the wait.

I believe in friendship. Having friends is such a great thing. It boosts your confidence and makes you, and others, happy. What more could you ask for?

I believe in family. Family keeps you going, they show that they care, even when others don’t. To have a loving family is to be incredibly blessed.

I believe in honesty. If you are not honest, people don’t know wither or not to trust you. It you are always honest, people will respect you, and care.

I believe in mistakes. By learning from mistakes, you can learn to become a better person overall.

I believe in God. God is the creator of the place we are so blessed to call home. God is the reason I do believe in so much.

I believe in being who you are, and not what anyone else wants you to be. Why would anyone want to be someone they are not? It does not matter what others think, as long as you are true to yourself.

I believe in science. Science helps us understand those from the past, and what we are made of.

I believe in my friends. When my friends set their mind to something, they can go far. They all have so much knowledge and smarts, they are so amazing. I believe in them, even when others don’t.

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