Guess what. I had school today.
I got up at 5:43. But I was happy to get up because the numbers were in decending order and I love it when that happens with numbers on the clock. I also like it when it's 3:14, because it's pi!!! :D
Anyways, you may be thinking, EWWW! School?! So early? That's gross. But it was fun. Well... more fun then I thought it would be. I cannot believe I am a freshman. A FRESHMAN!! How cool is that?! Well... I think it's cool atleast. So I hope you guys are enjoying your summers or enjoying your new school year.
I over heard a kid in Target saying to his mom: "It just seems that there are more school days than summer days..." And that's a reminder. That summer days are scarce [At least they are compared to the school days], and you need to enjoy them. I hope all of you did.

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