Grr. I'm so frustrated with my teacher. Last week, on Thursday, she told all of us that since we were all so upset with homework (I've been pulling all nighters on and off for the past 4 months) we wouldn't have any homework, and just have an in class project. So, our HOMEWORK over the weekend was to do our thesis. And all of us were fine with that, because it's not that hard at all, and then today, she tells us that we have to do our whole first draft of our 6 paragraph essay, that we just wrote a thesis and road map for. So I'm pretty sure that this is going to be one of my all nighter night because I have to do this, and really nothing else, but it's literally taking me forever. My teacher is crazy, and I think I might be too. Ugh, if anyone has some info on same-sex marriage let me know, because that would help out so much.

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