So remember the tragic death of Stella? [For all of you newbies, Stella was my old computer] Well I have gotten a new computer!! *Cue celebration music*
Okay, Okay. So my computer isn't exactly new. I got her in november, so I could write any where opposed to having to run home and type on a desktop while also juggling a high school sport [gymnastics] and all other things while doing NaNoWriMo. But the reason I am introducing her now is because I have finally gotten around to naming her! Yayyy!! So her name is Charlie, short for Charlotte. And with your prior knowledge you can probably guess why I named her that. But I will tell you the reason anyways!
Charlie is Charlie because I originally got her for my novel production of NaNoWriMo. And as many of you may know, my Novel is titled: The Unfortunately True Story of Charlie Armstrong. So, it only seemed appropriate to name her after the main character of my novel because she is the reason I was able to finish in time.
So say hello! I'm hoping Charlie will be with us for a long time!

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