So, if you follow me on twitter, you would know I have been leaving nerd notes around Seattle. And If you don't, well... I have. And so in the nerd notes I would write a note and an email asking the finder to let me know they have recieved the nerd note. [By the way, if you don't know what a nerd not is, it's a thing that Nerdfighters do. In which they leave notes for other Nerdfighters in John Green books and occasionally other books.] Any ways, So I finally got an email from someone about my nerd note. They had found the one in the University Book store, and I thought that was so cool. So, like any other nerd, I looked them up on Facebook and Twitter. I found the person on Facebook with only one click, which I found odd, and I realized that I had mutual friends with the fellow Nerdfighter. She was friends with my old pal Nina and went to the same school as her. This made me realize just how small the world is. I mean, can you believe that?! I just thought that was so cool so I wanted to share that with you. :) 
           Natalie <3

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