Okay, if you looked at the title of this blog post and thought that I had more Curtain Call for you, think again. SORRY, but I have not gotten on that yet...
But I do have something else for you! Yay!
So I was told to write a Personal Essay about a past conflict in my life, and I did. But since Personal Essays can be just like short stories, I think you guys will like it. My essay is all about my 5th grade experience. And if you are not one of my close friends, you won't know that I transfered schools in 5th grade, so here's a little bit of background info you should know:

-When I was in 5th grade I transfered to a small, independent school to a large, catholic private school.
-I am not actually catholic, I am an Agnostic.
-The rest of my family is catholic.
-I was incredibly depressed during 5th grade.
-Although I mostly appear to be a happy and joyful person, I am a very dark and depressing person at heart.
-Names have been changed
-My essay is nothing but the truth

So if you like reading amature writing, and have nothing better to do [which I think you do, but hey, I won't judge], then you can head on over to the "Other Stories" tab, and then look for the tab named "A Single Rope Is All I Need". Enjoy!
Best Wishes!!
12/07/2010 11:08pm

OMG I want to hear about it . That sounds really iresting!

12/08/2010 3:40pm

Yeah! You can check it out on this website! Just scroll over the "Other Stories" tab that is over to the left, and then look for "A Single Rope Is All I Need"
You can read it there! Enjoy!
Best Wishes!

Pokemon sistaa
12/09/2010 8:30pm

GIRL. Your essay is amaaazing and I love your blog thing!!


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