So, I've always been that person who has random obsessions and likes, that don't always have an explanation. And I never try to hide these things from people, I just don't point them out, so usually people just figure it out on their own. But I just feel like sharing some with you.
1] I like using the brackets much more than actually using parenthesis. I like the shape better. And I feel like it can be more of a consistant shape than parenthesis will ever be when I'm writing just because curves always seem to be disproportionate
2] I really like guy names for girls. Such as Frankie, Charlie, Payton, Alex, Joey, Aidan, Sam. I don't know, I just find it incredibly cute. And if I were to ever have a daughter, I would probably name her Frankie or Payton.
3] I have an absoulte obsession about numbers and patterns. I start a math problem, I have to finish it. I'm in the car, I see a number I look for patterns. I look at license plates to see if numbers or letters are signifigant. I wake up at 5:43 instead of 5:45 because I like the numbers in decending order. When I'm nervous I count. It comforts me, but it always keeps me working, wanting more, more answers to the random numbers, so it's impossible for me to "count sheep" to help me fall asleep.
4] I love writing, and I can't seem to stop myself, but sometimes I find myself in a slump for months. Never writing a single thing.
5] I like holding a book. I will never buy a kindle or nook or whatever, because I won't have the simple pleasure of holding a book in my hand, and flipping the pages with care.
6] I like English vocabulary. No, no the American English, but the original one, from England. I never wish to make fun of them, I just love their words. I use fit all the time, and horrendous and mental. I have actually taught myself to say tid-bits of their vocabulary because I am in awe.

So those are 6 facts/obsessions about me. Let me know something about you, or what your obsessions are in the comments! [I hope that wasn't too much information, I totally just ranted.. Sorry.]

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