Greetings Lovelies!
    How are you?? How has your past month gone?? Mine was absolutely fantastic. So here are some of the things that went on while I was away:
    1) I went to FREAKING ENGLAND!
    2) I met this amazing guy
    3) My international Collab started!
    4) I got the Flu...
    5) I got a Sonic Screwdriver :]
    6) I came home from England
    7) I went to the most amazing Mariners game in the history of Mariners games
    So let me elaborate a bit... England. I fell in love! I went there to study Criminal and Forensic Psychology, British Culture and History, and Creative Writing. But what I learned there was much more.. I learned more about myself - I know, it sounds cheesy, but it's true - I learned about life at Uni, friendship, the different culture, the English riots, and much much more. It was so much more than I could have ever asked for, and sometimes I just wish I had a TARDIS so I could go back in time and experience it all over again... Ignoring the small detail that I would cause a paradox by doing so, but you know, DETAILS. Pfft.
    Next, this guy.. Well, he was a brilliant guy who was also a Doctor Who lover. But that's all I'm telling you because just because I live on the internet, that doesn't mean my life should be on the internet for all those to see. :) I have my secret from you, Dream Box, but it's for the best. 
    Continuing on, my international Collab started! And I'm really proud of it! We have everyone doing different days, and I'm Monday. We started on the 1st of August and have been making videos ever since. There's 7 of us - for each day of the week - and so far it's gone great! To check out our channel you can click here. And I'll put my most recent video below. :)
    Next on the list.. The Flu. Oh my gosh. You may know how much it sucks to have the 24-hour flu, but you probably haven't experienced it while you just newly fancied someone.. It SUCKS. I missed out on an awesome art museum and the Alfred Hitchcock play The 39 Steps. :( Worst of all I decided to go to my programme's Traffic Light Party that night, was sitting with the guy I fancied and then proceeded to run into the bathroom and vomit.. It was horrifying. Oh! And I've also learned that I have the irrational fear of blowing my nose infront of other people. Like, it literally terrifies me. So I have to leave the room and go into the EMPTY bathroom and blow my nose. Why I have this fear? Who knows.. But I am a messed up person to begin with, so what do you really expect? Also, is there a word for this fear? If you know of a word, please let me know.
    Moving on... I am now the owner of a SONIC SCREWDRIVER! Yes! I, Natalie Wong, have purchased a Sonic Screwdriver that makes awesome sounds and works as a regular screwdriver, it's amazing. Really, it is.
    Wow, well that was a short lived topic.. Anyways... I've finally come home from my 21 day trip to England, and I'm loving the Seattle weather right now! It's beautiful, and it's lovely, and I'm just so glad to be back. But to all of those from CCP, I MISS YOU SO MUCH! I cannot even handle it sometimes.. <3 I miss you all...
    Anyways, I went to this amazing Mariners game tonight!! [Just so you know, the Mariners are the Seattle Baseball team, and they kind of suck...] But tonight's game was so nifty, and it was so eventful! Two homeruns in the first inning, the catcher broke his nose, there were some fantastic double plays, a fight with the umpire and a reversed call. It was just absolutely amazing, but I'm probably boring you, so I'm just going to stop now...
    So Finally, Goodbye. I don't know when I'll see you next, but hopefully it will be soon. :) Look for me on 5C1V on Monday! And I'll be posting another Dear Alexander the moment I'm done with this blog post! I PROMISE!!! Alright, well.. Salutations! -Nat

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