Hello!! If you are a fellow Wrimo, you know that we are finally one week in! And one week done. Now, if you are not a fellow Wrimo, you may not know what I am talking about unless you read the blog post that is directly below this one. Either way, I also have some good news that does not pertain to NaNoWriMo. Ok, well... Maybe it does, in a way. But anways, just ignore that. Here's the big news:
I got a new laptop!! :D Yayyy!!
If you read my blog, you will know that my old laptop, Stella, has passed away. I tried everything, replacing the hard drive, unpluging her for a while, taking out her batterey, cooling her down, but nothing seemed to work.
So I now have a new and improved laptop! And I already love it lots. Although I do not have a name for it yet.... So do you guys have any ideas?? Between me and my friends, there is a lack of female computers, especially since Stella died. So if you have any girl computer names, post them in the comments!! :D
It has been great chatting with you and all, but I am behind in NaNoWriMo, and am only at 10,715 words. So I need to work on that... So yeah, bye!! Talk to all of you later! I hope all of you guys are having an awesome November! And are enjoying school. Bye!! 

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