Hello there!
    Oh, well look at that. I missed a few days. Who saw that coming? *raises hand quietly* Oh right, I did. You guys probably saw that coming too, because, well, when it comes to Social Media websites and the internet over all, I always seem to slack. Like, I didn't know my best friend Connor started going out with this girl once because I didn't text or go on the internet for like five days. And take my word for it, a LOT happens in five days. 
    Anyways... I'm not really sorry that I missed those days because I had a great past two days and why do I always need an excuse or apology when I'm gone for a long time? It's my blog and I can do what I want, so that's what I'll do. Also, I'm been lacking questions on formspring for awhile so you should and go there and ask me questions, tell me how much you love me, or how much you hate me; your choice. You see, I'm the better person because I don't tell you to ask me questions, I just simply make options but don't make you do them. Like in my friends yearbook I wrote: "So have a good summer, or not.. Have a bad one, I don't care; your choice." See, I'm the better friend, I didn't pressure her to have a good summer like everyone else in her yearbook, so BOOM. Pwn. Right there.
    Also, literally right in the midst of writing this blog post I found my "Dear Alexander" notebook, so I'll start those up again, so if you like those and feel so inclined, click here. You guys may have noticed I cleaned up my sidebar where all the pages of my site are, but no worries, most of the things that disappeared are in my "Writing Works" tab, which is also where the "Dear Alexander" page now resides. So yeah, enjoy that, or don't. It's always your choice. 
    Okay, so this is becoming a really long rant but I have two more things to tell you so 1) Do you think I should do BEDA? And 2) Only three -- well technically now 2 since it's 12:01 AM -- days until I leave for Cambridge!! Ahh! So crazy!! I cannot believe it.. Also, if you don't know, BEDA is blog everyday in August. And I know I will probably fail at it because I'm bad at even blogging weekly, but I think it might be a good challenge for me. Thoughts?
    Best Wishes! Nat

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