How have you guys been? It's been six days, and I've missed you. So here I am again! Pleading for your mercy, but not really, because I don't care since this is my digital diary and not yours.. Who ever "you" are.. Anyways, I just wanted to say Hi and that although this summer is coming to an end, and I have failed to document most of it here in my Dream Box, it's been a great one and I'm glad I could share it with you guys. Man, that was the longest run on sentence ever... 
    But honestly guys, if someone were to ask me how my Summer was I could honestly tell them that it was the best summer of my life. It even makes me think of a Looking for Alaska quote - that sounds so nerdy, but it is indeed true... - that goes like this:
    "Before I got here, I thought for a long time that the way out of the labyrinth was to pretend it did not exist, to build a small, self-sufficient world in the back corner of the endless maze and to pretend that I was not lost, but home. .... So I came here looking for the Great Perhaps, for real friends and a more-than-minor life."
    Now, with this quote I'm not saying that I was lonely before, or even that I hid in the back corner of life. What I'm trying to say is that before I got to this point in my life, I was just another stupid teenager who didn't know what she wanted, and I still don't, but I have learned a lot and that's made me more of what I want to be and hope to be someday. When summer came, I was looking for something great, friends, and - of course - a more-than-minor life. And that is exactly what I got. 
    This summer was amazing, and it couldn't have been better. So much happened, in such little time. I went on a great adventure around Seattle with my friend Mau. I went to Chicago and visited the Bean in Millennium park which has always beena dream of mine. I watched the Lake Union fireworks on the 4th of July - which I have never done before. I went to summer school for three weeks, and liked it. [Now, let's be honest here, who can really say that?] I went to FREAKING ENGLAND by myself to study at Cambridge University. I even started my own Collab channel with six other awesome teenagers.
    ....I don't know what else to say other than: "Pinch me." Surely this must be a dream, an amazing, beautiful, surreal dream. That's honestly all that I can think, that it's all just a dream. But amazingly, it's not. And I miss everyone I haven't seen since my last day of school, those I parted ways with from the Cambridge College Programme, friends who haven't been around, and even my friends that I've seen recently. But I can leave you with this, which makes me always feel better:
    "Don't be sad that it's over, just be happy that it even happened." -Aaron Geldner
                        And this one:
    "We're just one day closer to being reunited." -Ben Troyer
Greetings Lovelies!
    How are you?? How has your past month gone?? Mine was absolutely fantastic. So here are some of the things that went on while I was away:
    1) I went to FREAKING ENGLAND!
    2) I met this amazing guy
    3) My international Collab started!
    4) I got the Flu...
    5) I got a Sonic Screwdriver :]
    6) I came home from England
    7) I went to the most amazing Mariners game in the history of Mariners games
    So let me elaborate a bit... England. I fell in love! I went there to study Criminal and Forensic Psychology, British Culture and History, and Creative Writing. But what I learned there was much more.. I learned more about myself - I know, it sounds cheesy, but it's true - I learned about life at Uni, friendship, the different culture, the English riots, and much much more. It was so much more than I could have ever asked for, and sometimes I just wish I had a TARDIS so I could go back in time and experience it all over again... Ignoring the small detail that I would cause a paradox by doing so, but you know, DETAILS. Pfft.
    Next, this guy.. Well, he was a brilliant guy who was also a Doctor Who lover. But that's all I'm telling you because just because I live on the internet, that doesn't mean my life should be on the internet for all those to see. :) I have my secret from you, Dream Box, but it's for the best. 
    Continuing on, my international Collab started! And I'm really proud of it! We have everyone doing different days, and I'm Monday. We started on the 1st of August and have been making videos ever since. There's 7 of us - for each day of the week - and so far it's gone great! To check out our channel you can click here. And I'll put my most recent video below. :)
    Next on the list.. The Flu. Oh my gosh. You may know how much it sucks to have the 24-hour flu, but you probably haven't experienced it while you just newly fancied someone.. It SUCKS. I missed out on an awesome art museum and the Alfred Hitchcock play The 39 Steps. :( Worst of all I decided to go to my programme's Traffic Light Party that night, was sitting with the guy I fancied and then proceeded to run into the bathroom and vomit.. It was horrifying. Oh! And I've also learned that I have the irrational fear of blowing my nose infront of other people. Like, it literally terrifies me. So I have to leave the room and go into the EMPTY bathroom and blow my nose. Why I have this fear? Who knows.. But I am a messed up person to begin with, so what do you really expect? Also, is there a word for this fear? If you know of a word, please let me know.
    Moving on... I am now the owner of a SONIC SCREWDRIVER! Yes! I, Natalie Wong, have purchased a Sonic Screwdriver that makes awesome sounds and works as a regular screwdriver, it's amazing. Really, it is.
    Wow, well that was a short lived topic.. Anyways... I've finally come home from my 21 day trip to England, and I'm loving the Seattle weather right now! It's beautiful, and it's lovely, and I'm just so glad to be back. But to all of those from CCP, I MISS YOU SO MUCH! I cannot even handle it sometimes.. <3 I miss you all...
    Anyways, I went to this amazing Mariners game tonight!! [Just so you know, the Mariners are the Seattle Baseball team, and they kind of suck...] But tonight's game was so nifty, and it was so eventful! Two homeruns in the first inning, the catcher broke his nose, there were some fantastic double plays, a fight with the umpire and a reversed call. It was just absolutely amazing, but I'm probably boring you, so I'm just going to stop now...
    So Finally, Goodbye. I don't know when I'll see you next, but hopefully it will be soon. :) Look for me on 5C1V on Monday! And I'll be posting another Dear Alexander the moment I'm done with this blog post! I PROMISE!!! Alright, well.. Salutations! -Nat
Hello Sweetie. [5 awesome-points if you know what I'm referring to.]
    I know, I know. I missed another day. Oh well, it's not like you guys expected much from me since I skip days all the time. And I was actually really busy this time. You know.. Dancing in my room to Victoria Justice and Heyhihello and singing along. I mean, that is really important - more important than posting. Because let's be honest here, who really reads this blog anyways?
    Anywhore, [2 awesome-points if you know what I'm referring to.] only one day until I leave for Cambridge! Ah! That is so crazy. So yeah... That's all I have to talk about today and since my past posts have been so long, I'll spare you this time. Salutations! -Nat
Hello there!
    Oh, well look at that. I missed a few days. Who saw that coming? *raises hand quietly* Oh right, I did. You guys probably saw that coming too, because, well, when it comes to Social Media websites and the internet over all, I always seem to slack. Like, I didn't know my best friend Connor started going out with this girl once because I didn't text or go on the internet for like five days. And take my word for it, a LOT happens in five days. 
    Anyways... I'm not really sorry that I missed those days because I had a great past two days and why do I always need an excuse or apology when I'm gone for a long time? It's my blog and I can do what I want, so that's what I'll do. Also, I'm been lacking questions on formspring for awhile so you should and go there and ask me questions, tell me how much you love me, or how much you hate me; your choice. You see, I'm the better person because I don't tell you to ask me questions, I just simply make options but don't make you do them. Like in my friends yearbook I wrote: "So have a good summer, or not.. Have a bad one, I don't care; your choice." See, I'm the better friend, I didn't pressure her to have a good summer like everyone else in her yearbook, so BOOM. Pwn. Right there.
    Also, literally right in the midst of writing this blog post I found my "Dear Alexander" notebook, so I'll start those up again, so if you like those and feel so inclined, click here. You guys may have noticed I cleaned up my sidebar where all the pages of my site are, but no worries, most of the things that disappeared are in my "Writing Works" tab, which is also where the "Dear Alexander" page now resides. So yeah, enjoy that, or don't. It's always your choice. 
    Okay, so this is becoming a really long rant but I have two more things to tell you so 1) Do you think I should do BEDA? And 2) Only three -- well technically now 2 since it's 12:01 AM -- days until I leave for Cambridge!! Ahh! So crazy!! I cannot believe it.. Also, if you don't know, BEDA is blog everyday in August. And I know I will probably fail at it because I'm bad at even blogging weekly, but I think it might be a good challenge for me. Thoughts?
    Best Wishes! Nat

Hello there lovelies!
    Didn't think I was going to be back today? Showed you now, didn't I? Of course did. Even I didn't think I was going to keep up with my promise to come back today. But I'm here and I have something to discuss:
    Okay, 1) Dentists. So everyone talks about how much they hate the destist. But I think otherwise. The dentist is nice, he checks your teeth to make sure they're healthy and then talks to you afterwards and gives you a free toothbrush and a sticker... Oh.. Just me? Nevermind then about that last part.. 
    But really, let's think this over. Which do you really hate more? Your dentist or the evil assistant that picks at your teeth, make your gums bleed, puts stuff on your teeth so you are FORCED not to eat, and tires to make conversation that entire time even though she KNOWS PERFECTLY WELL that you are unable to talk at that time. Obviously I've made my decision. I have the assistant and love my dentist. We have conversations about his awesome Crocs with little pins and Buzz Lightyear. But the assistant? NO. She is the enemy. Sure she makes my teeth all clean, but what she says and the way she scrapes your teeth, it's obvious she cannot be trusted.
    Also, you know who else is the enemy in so many situations? Hair Dressers. You tell them that you only want, eh, maybe an inch? Off. But no, OBVIOUSLY you really meant that you want four inches cut off, no problemo. It can be so frusturating. I don't know what language they speak but I am speaking English, and an INCH means an INCH. And, while you're sitting there awkwardly waiting for them to finish cutting your hair, they decide to ask random questions about your life that sometimes, you don't feel comfortable asking. "Where do you live?" "Where do you go to school?" "How's your summer going so far?" "Do you blowdry your hair?" and then when you answer that question with a "No." Then they look at you like you're some kind of foregin person and reply: "Oh, right. You must be one of those people who AIR DRIES their hair." Well yes, hair person lady, I do. You know it's better not only for your HAIR, but also for the PLANET. Oh, you don't know what that is? Figures.. So that's my view on the situation, and now since I'm so fired up, let's move on. Yes, let's.
    In other news, I have exactly Six days, one hour, twenty-seven minutes, and 50 seconds until I leave for Cambridge. But it's not like I'm keeping track or anything... Pfft, what??
Hello there! I cannot believe it's been a month since I've last posted. I've had so many times when I come on and just stare at the screen and then just exit out of the window because I have nothing to say. So... That sucks, but hey, I'm posting now, aren't I? 
    So I have some great things I have to tell you!! From what I have heard so far from my other collab people [some have not checked back yet, so this isn't for sure] my international collab that I've been working on will be starting on August 1st and I'll be the first one to be posting there! So yay for that! Also, I'm sorry if that information is incorrect, but from what I know right now, that's our plans. We're called 5Countries1Vlog and you can check out our page here, although we have not posted anything on it yet... And one of my Collab mates is named Elliot and he does vlogs. So you should check him out here
    In other news, I've been attending Summer school which is surprisingly easy and fun -- and just to be clear, I chose to do Summer school and actually signed up for it for class credit and was not forced into it. In my class we are reading In The Time Of The Butterflies which is actually a blooming lovely book. Of course, if I had seen it at the local Barnes and Nobel I probably wouldn't have bought it, but since I was forced to I did and it is actually a really good book. Which is a mercy because I thought it was going to just be as bad as all the other horrible books us students have to read for school. 
    Now I have one other thing to tell you: I am leaving for Cambridge in only seven days. SEVEN DAYS! That's crazy! I cannot believe I'm going to be leaving Seattle and traveling abroad all alone. Hopefully I'll meet some really awesome people at the Uni. Yet, at the same time I cannot wait to go and I'm so excited and thankful for this amazing opportunity. I have no idea what my classes are and what exactly will be going on, but I know it will be a blooming lovely experiece.
    So, in honor of that, I've decided to do a "31 days of awesome" in the next seven days. Whether I'll keep up with it, who knows. But for now, let's stay hopeful! Okay? Alright! *fistbump*
    Hello there! I'm just procratinating and NOT studying for my Final Exams, and also remembered that I said I would blog today, so here I am!
    I just wanted to give a few updates and just say some things. So yeah.. Okay, let's go!
    So the first thins I wanted to update you on is that the writing has not come along as nicely as I had originally wanted it to, but that's okay. I'm getting there... Slowly. So I just wanted to let you know that if you've been waiting for the newer versions. Also, I don't think I'm going to release any of my other novels until they're in full, so I don't think I'll be posting any new writings for a while.
    Next thing is: I've been reading this blooming amazing novel called Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison. It incredible and absolutely lovey. It has great passion and is full of such a real regret. Some things I find slightly unbelievable, but the over all plot and the passion the main character, Bridget, has such passion, it's brilliant. So I just wanted to share that with you and give you an nice little picture and tell you how great it is. :)
    I had some other things that I wanted to say.. But I forgot them and I really need to study, so until next time, goodbye and best wishes!
    Hey guys!! Are you out of school yet?? 
    In the Seattle Area the schools have gotten really messed up.  All the different schools had different spring breaks, and now everyone is getting out at different times ranging from May 23rd to June 28th!!! It's crazy! The seniors at my school are already out at my school, and I just finished my final day of school for the year! Now all I have to do is get through the Final Exams that take place this coming week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. YIKES!
    I'm so pumped for summer, I have so much planned, and yet nothing at all. There's also so much that I want to do this summer and so many things I want to accomplish. Such as:
    -Reading at least nine books other than my summer reading
    -Starting the collab I've been working on for a while now
    -Improve on my guitar skills, and write more songs
    -Work on my novels A LOT. I shouldn't have written three 
     novels at once.. It's gotten me all jumbled and unproductive
    -If I get into Animation class at Cambridge, improve on that
    -Test into Honors Spanish at my new school
    Oh! That reminds me! I'm so estatic! I'm transfering schools! If you didn't know already I went to - what I thought to be - a horrendous all girls school. So I'm transfering to a co-ed school where my best friend Connor goes, and a good friend that I've made at my current school also happens to be transfering to that school, so that's really exciting! Also, just to let you know - not that you care, I didn't dis-like my school just because it was all girls. There were many other reasons too, but that's a much longer story. 
    So I just hope that you all had a great day, and are enjoying this lovely Friday afternoon! I should probably go back to studying for my exams, so I will talk to you later!! Also, I think I'll blog later, because I still have a lot to say, but I feel like this is enough for one day. So yeah! Have a nice day, oh, and shout out to my friend Carli who is celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday Carli! -Nat
Hello there lovelies!
    It's been awhile, hasn't it? Yeah, well I've been dead - or in other words, sick and exhausted. For the past three weeks I've gotten about 58 hours of sleep total. And then somewhere in the middle I crashed and slept through my entire weekend and then became sleep deprived once again... So it just wasn't a good past few weeks.. 
    Anyways, so two weeks until school gets out! How nifty is that? What will you guys be doing this summer? Do you guys have finals? Are you already out of school? I have finals and I am so incredibly stressed out. 
    By the way, how are you guys? I haven't talked to you in so long and I've been feeling kind of guitly. Also, that Collab that I was talking about awhile ago is still on, we're just figuring out the details now. 
    So right now I'm supposed to be studying for my Finals, and I don't want to so I'm ranting to you guys.. Sorry. What's your favorite class/subject? Mine is definitely Math. It's so much fun! Numbers are the best thing in the world. But I don't really like geometry and trig because I like numbers and not shapes. I mean, sure, you get numbers from the shapes... But you can get numbers from anything, so why spend an entire school year learning about shapes and applying numbers to it? My favorite math is Algebra. Solving for X is so much fun! 
    Okay, well that's enought ranting from me.. I might as well get back to studying. Talk to you later!
    Love, Nat
    Hey guys! Good news! I started writing Curtain Call again, and I've been editing The Unfortunately True Story of Charlie Armstrong! 
    I just thought I might let you know, because I'm blooming excited to be writing again! I'm ready to take on Max and Tammie's twists and turns, and make Charlie's unfathomable life better! Yeah.. So that's really all I have to say for today, Oh! and also, I'm working on starting a collab, and I've got a great group of people. So we're planning on airing in June, but we have a lot to figure out, so I'm not quite sure if we'll start that early. Anyways, have a lovely day guys! DFTBA, Nat. <3