Dear everyone,
     I am very mad because I have written you SIX beautiful - and very long - blog posts in the past four days, but every time I try to publish them my browser freaks out and closes down. Which mean I loose all of my efforts and am too infuriated to re-write it. Luckily, I've decided to switch over to Google Chrome which is SO MUCH BETTER. 
     So now I'm just mad, but I feel like I owe you a blog post because I haven't posted in over a month so let's just talk for awhile. 
     Hello, how are you? Good? That's great.....Okay, that's enough of that. 
     So yes, it's been over a month. I'm sorry. I've been too busy working on homework, reminiscing about Cambridge, working on my international collab [5Countries1Vlog] and getting used to the new school year. And yes, those are not good enough reasons to abandon you but that's okay. Anyways, I missed talking to you. I've missed our weird conversations, you know, the ones where I blog as if I'm talking to someone but I'm not and then you give NOTHING to the conversation. Yeah, I've missed those. And [just in case] you use with website to stay updated on my life - which I hope to god you don't because this site is the biggest fail in the world of fails - then just check me out on my Twitter instead because I use that at least once a day.
     So right now I'm being boring, and I don't have much to say to you. So I'm going to go, but look out for me tomorrow because tomorrow is MONDAY! [And this week's theme is Nerimon's YouTube Survey] Have a great day, guys. :) -Nat

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