Okay guys, I feel really bad that I've been ignoring you. I'm sorry.. Everytime I think about writing a post, I just am not up to it, I don't know why. Anyways, to update you on my life since December here's some important things:
   -Went Ziplining!
   -Happy New Years!
   -Gymnastics Meet!
   -Happy National Alaska Young day! [Jan. 10]
   -Watch Girls turn into animals day. [Winterball tickets    came on sale.]
   -Study, Study, Study
   -Happy Finals! [Except Not...]
   -Happy Birthday Big Brother!
   -Happy Birthday Grandma!
   -Winterball!! :D
   -Happy Birthday Self!
   -Awesome Epic Ninja Nerfgun Battle!
So yeah.. That's how my most of January but also parts of December and Feburary went for me. Isn't that nifty? Anyways, if you're one of my friends and hoping that I video taped me and Mau's Awesome Epic Ninja Nerfgun Battle, you're out of luck. But it was both awesome and epic. And we are going to make a documentary about it, because we did things other than just having a Nerfgun battle, we also traveled to my friend Connor's house via 3 buses and a lot of walking and running, which hurt my ankle a lot. Which reminds me! I also now have a Stressed Ankle Bone, which is just lovely, so I was not allowed to participate in my Metros meet for gymnastics. So Jank. But what ever, I have 3 more years.. Okay. From now on I promise to attempt to blog at least once a week as long as one person comments on this post. Deal?
        Best Wishes!
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Comment! :) I saw the last sentence and thought it my obligation to keep another blogger blogging, so here! comment!
Good Luck With Your Ankle!
Have A Great Day =)


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