Hey guys!! Are you out of school yet?? 
    In the Seattle Area the schools have gotten really messed up.  All the different schools had different spring breaks, and now everyone is getting out at different times ranging from May 23rd to June 28th!!! It's crazy! The seniors at my school are already out at my school, and I just finished my final day of school for the year! Now all I have to do is get through the Final Exams that take place this coming week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. YIKES!
    I'm so pumped for summer, I have so much planned, and yet nothing at all. There's also so much that I want to do this summer and so many things I want to accomplish. Such as:
    -Reading at least nine books other than my summer reading
    -Starting the collab I've been working on for a while now
    -Improve on my guitar skills, and write more songs
    -Work on my novels A LOT. I shouldn't have written three 
     novels at once.. It's gotten me all jumbled and unproductive
    -If I get into Animation class at Cambridge, improve on that
    -Test into Honors Spanish at my new school
    Oh! That reminds me! I'm so estatic! I'm transfering schools! If you didn't know already I went to - what I thought to be - a horrendous all girls school. So I'm transfering to a co-ed school where my best friend Connor goes, and a good friend that I've made at my current school also happens to be transfering to that school, so that's really exciting! Also, just to let you know - not that you care, I didn't dis-like my school just because it was all girls. There were many other reasons too, but that's a much longer story. 
    So I just hope that you all had a great day, and are enjoying this lovely Friday afternoon! I should probably go back to studying for my exams, so I will talk to you later!! Also, I think I'll blog later, because I still have a lot to say, but I feel like this is enough for one day. So yeah! Have a nice day, oh, and shout out to my friend Carli who is celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday Carli! -Nat

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