Oh my goodness! The dance tonight was amazing. My best friend Jack kept trying to  get me to dance with this guy, but I hate slow dancing, so... Anyways, it was so much fun, we asked the DJ to play Naturally,  by Selena Gomez; Can't be Tamed, by Miley Cyrus (ew); and Crazier, by Taylor Swift. By the time I thought of another really good song, along with a bunch of Backstreet Boy songs and N'sync, the request list was gone. :( I mean, I had a great idea, for them to play Aaron's Party (Come and Get it). That song is Genius! Pure, and utter genius! I mean, since they wouldn't play it, I listened to it all the way home, along with I Want Candy, and How I beat Shaq. Or what ever it's called. I mean, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, and Aaron Carter is where it's at! Their music is amazing, haha. But seriously, I am in need of Aaron's Party (Come and Get it).

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