Hey guys, so I wanted to talk to you about something serious: The Disney D. Now, let's all look at this "D" and look at it closely, does it even look like a D?!
Now, I don't know about you, but I have always, ALWAYS thought this was a G. Yes, I'm probably dyslexic, but let's stop talking about all the things that are wrong with me, and get down to the important things here. THAT D TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE A G. Well.. If you look at it backwards. Moving on, I mean, as I grew up, watching Kim Possible and all that, I always knew that it was pronounced "Disney" and all that, but the "D" still got me every time.. I mean, just look at it! I can honestly say that I thought that "D" was a "G" for the majority of my childhood, and I still do - even though I know that it's a "D" in reality, I still think it could be all lies and I'm the only one who has caught Disney. But that's just a thought. Anyways, I really had no reason to blog, but I just thought about it because Twitter told me that I should follow Disney, which I will never do because it LIED to me as a child, because I'm pretty sure that that was ALWAYS a G and NOT a D. So yeah, I will stop ranting now, because it is 3 AM here, and I might have school tomorrow, depending on my overall wellbeing, because I have been sick for the past few days, but let's all hope that I don't! Okay? Yeah, okay! I should really stop talking now.. Okay.. Bye.

will come back before long


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