The two Veronan families the Capulets and the Montagues are rivals and always fight one another, yet Romeo is at peace and so is Juliet. Juliet Capulet is a young woman, about 13 years of age, her mother wants her to get married, and holds a special ball for her. Romeo Montague, a young man about 14 years of age, just so happened to be at the ball, because he crashed it with his friends. Romeo sees Juliet, Juliet sees Romeo, BAM, they are in love. They kiss, the party ends, and they both find out they are enemies of each other. As Romeo walks home, he hears Juliet ‘day dreaming’ about him on her balcony and comes over to talk to her. They talk and chit chat, then Juliet proposes to Romeo and they plan to meet soon. They get secretly married by the minister or monk, and then as Romeo walks home he gets in a fight with Juliet’s cousin. Juliet’s cousin kills Romeo’s best friend, then Romeo kills him. Because Romeo killed Juliet’s cousin, he is sentenced to death, and goes into hiding. Juliet plans to fake her death and then run away with Romeo, so she sends Romeo a letter and takes a potion that makes her appear dead. At Juliet’s funeral, Romeo’s friend goes to tell Romeo that her fair maiden is dead, Romeo never gets the letter, and runs back to see for himself that she is dead. He sees her dead body, yet she really isn’t actually dead, and decides to kill himself by taking poison. Juliet wakes up, sees Romeo, and becomes very upset. She kisses his lips to try to get some poison into her, and at that time she realizes his lips are still warm, and that she just missed him. So she takes his dagger and kills herself. The two families go up to the prince, and he tells them this is their punishment for fighting all this time, two people who were madly in love had to die.

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