Today is awesome because my best friend Jack is coming back from his choir trip thingy. He's been gone for 5 whole days! And that is wayyyy to long! I'm so excited to see him tomorrow at school, and to see everyone else who went on the trip too.
But, although this day was awesome, parts of it were also notsome. You know what was notsome? That I got rubber cement in my hair and me and my mom spent 30 minutes trying to get it out. Just if any one needs to know how to get rubber cement out of hair, do the following:
1. Don't panic
2. Get your lovely mommy, or someone to help you
3. Get two cups of hot water (and when I say hot, I mean like boiling), two fine toothed combs, some shampoo and stay in conditioner, and butter.
4. Rub butter where ever the rubber cement is, to loosen it up.
5. Put hair in hot water and lather with a bit of shampoo.
6. Take small parts of the hair and slowly comb out the glue and knots.
7. Once that is done put in stay in conditioner and comb thoroughly.
8. Continue with other parts of hair.
9. Shower with conditioner still in, but shampoo, and condition once more.
10. Brush hair until all knots are terminated. There should be no more glue or sticky hair.

Saddly, I had to figure this out the hard way... but I got my project done, so that's a plus. Oh well, I hope it never happens to any of you.

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