Hello there! I cannot believe it's been a month since I've last posted. I've had so many times when I come on and just stare at the screen and then just exit out of the window because I have nothing to say. So... That sucks, but hey, I'm posting now, aren't I? 
    So I have some great things I have to tell you!! From what I have heard so far from my other collab people [some have not checked back yet, so this isn't for sure] my international collab that I've been working on will be starting on August 1st and I'll be the first one to be posting there! So yay for that! Also, I'm sorry if that information is incorrect, but from what I know right now, that's our plans. We're called 5Countries1Vlog and you can check out our page here, although we have not posted anything on it yet... And one of my Collab mates is named Elliot and he does vlogs. So you should check him out here
    In other news, I've been attending Summer school which is surprisingly easy and fun -- and just to be clear, I chose to do Summer school and actually signed up for it for class credit and was not forced into it. In my class we are reading In The Time Of The Butterflies which is actually a blooming lovely book. Of course, if I had seen it at the local Barnes and Nobel I probably wouldn't have bought it, but since I was forced to I did and it is actually a really good book. Which is a mercy because I thought it was going to just be as bad as all the other horrible books us students have to read for school. 
    Now I have one other thing to tell you: I am leaving for Cambridge in only seven days. SEVEN DAYS! That's crazy! I cannot believe I'm going to be leaving Seattle and traveling abroad all alone. Hopefully I'll meet some really awesome people at the Uni. Yet, at the same time I cannot wait to go and I'm so excited and thankful for this amazing opportunity. I have no idea what my classes are and what exactly will be going on, but I know it will be a blooming lovely experiece.
    So, in honor of that, I've decided to do a "31 days of awesome" in the next seven days. Whether I'll keep up with it, who knows. But for now, let's stay hopeful! Okay? Alright! *fistbump*

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