So, the other day, I was on which is none other than the Wiki for all things Pokemon. Now, as I was searching around for fun, reading about the other verisons I didn't have and reading the story line of the one I have finished.. Well, guess what I found out. I can never finish my pokedex. That's right. Unless one of my friends can breed another Ancient Kyogre any time soon and even want to, I cannot finish my pokedex. Reason? Because there is only one in the whole game, and I killed it before I could capture it. I didn't know it at the time, but when I was reading the storyline, that was the case.... :-/ How unfortunate is that?!?! Oh well, I should stop moping. But I love pokemon, and I will add the Pokemon theme song to this blog. Enjoy. [I know all the words and made dance moves. :) ]

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