I have absolutely fallen in love with Daveday's new song You've Been On My Mind. A while back I bought his entire EP, but for some reason never listened to this song until now when his music video came out. I love the guitar in the introduction and the lyrics are amazing! So I just wanted you guys to hear this song, it really grows on you. :) Enjoy.
KickthePJ has blooming amazing videos! He is a very talented aspiring video producer and animator from England. My favorite video by him is definitely A story about a Boy which is above, but he has many more amazing videos, and has an alternate channel called PJtheKick. So if you would like to check him out there were links through out this little paragraph and enjoy!
Hey! Long time no see! So right now I'm studying for finals, and I decided to take a break - let's be real, I'm really just procrastinating. Anyways... For the past week that I've been studying for my finals I've been just playing this song on REPEAT! I just absolutely love it, and I don't even like the original, so that is a suprise. So I just wanted to share that with you and just to let you know the singers are Kimmi Smiles and Jake Broido. Enjoy!
Okay guys, I just stumbled upon this site while looking up mean pictures of Rebecca Black [What? I'm not a nice person.] and one of the pictures on Google was from this website, so I clicked on it. AND IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Just saying..
It's this great website, weheartit.com, that contains a bunch of pictures and you just "heart" pictures that you like, so you have them at hand. I don't know exactly why I find it so awesome, intreguing, and niffty, but I do.
But yes, I think all of you should check it out because it's lovely. You can check out my account/page/thing [I'm still a n00b to the whole thing, I don't know the cool name yet..] here!

Edit: Oh just kidding, I know what it's called. It's called a heart. So it's my heart! Isn't that cute?!
I am absolutely in love with this song! It's so beautiful and the chord progession is amazing! You all need to check it out! The analogies and the metaphors are lovely! I just love it! It is on constant replay.
Okay, so this obsession isn't momentary, but whatever. I love Twitter. I am, and always will be, best friends with Twitter. All of my friends make fun of me because I am always saying "I am tweeting this!!!" But it's so addictive, how can I stop? Also, onse when I was with my friend Kenzie in Texas, we were at the pool and this little kid came up to us and we became best friends. [No, we are not creepy.] [Well.... Okay, maybe we are, but that little girl came up to us!] Anyways… We dicussed afterwards how the entire time that we were playing with that little girl, we were just thinking in our heads what exactly we would say when we tweeted about it later. We're just that cool. So if you don't have a twitter already, I would highyly recommend getting one, BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME. Wow.. This was the worst rant ever… Oh well!
        Best Wishes!
As you may know, I love Youtube. But recently I have been in love with this one youtuber: Littleradge, also known as Liam Dryden. Liam is a hilarious vlogger who is comedic and full of energy. I dare you to watch the video posted below with out laughing at least once.
Okay guys, this is an old obsession, but it still comes back around the Christmas season, so I just had to share it with you. This song is amazing - in fact, it's brilliant. It is so catchy and I love it. So I hope you guys have a merry Christmas, and I hope you get up and dance when you click play, because I know I will be.
Happy Holidays, we should hang out some time. [Comment if you know where that comes from]
Best Wishes!
Hey guys!! I have this awesome youtuber called Josh Sundquist. Josh is a writer, motivational speaker, and a hilarous youtuber. Oh yeah, and he also has only one leg. When you found that out, that probably suprised you, but the great this is that Josh is incredibly optimistic and accepting of the fact that he is an amputee. So the reason why that is important is because he has made a digital version of the book that he wrote[Titles: Just Don't Fall], which is all about his childhood, cancer, and amputation. In his series, he does a book on tape kind-of-deal, and then has these awesome drawings that go with it.
His videos are incredibly addicting and in the past few days, I have spent my days watching all of his old videos.... Yup.. I have no life. ANYWAYS, you should deffinitley check out the two videos below and click on his name above.
The two videos below are: 1) the first chapter of his book and 2) one his amazing vlogs. Enjoy!
Hey! So after stumbling upon Nicepeter, I found his series that he made with the other amazing youtuber: Kassem G called Street Music. So if any of you have seen this series you know that it is hilarious - crude, but still pretty freaking hilarious. In this series all these youtubers do is go out into the streets of LA with a tambourine and a guitar and just make up music - or improvise - while a person video tapes them. It is pretty amazing and very very funny. So I will put the first video of the series down below and I think you guys can handel everything else from there. But if you can't, here's the link to go to the playlist.