Logorythmic Sequence
Written by Natalie Wong
Titled by Perry Hamilton

I liked the way you held my hand,
     I liked it quite a lot.
There were reasons I fell in love with you,
     But those reasons I forgot.
I hate the way you smile at me
     And that I smile too.
I hate the fact that I'm in love
     And there's nothing I can do.
I hate that you've always cared,
     And held me when I've cried.
I hate that you make me laugh
     And are always by my side.
I hate that my heart skips a beat
     When ever you walk by,
But all this hate I've proclaimed to you
      Has been nothing but a lie.
I love the way you smile and look at me,
      And the need to smile back.
I love the feeling in my heart
      And that's a solid fact.
I love thar you've always cared,
       And held me when I cried.
I love that you make me laugh;
       I want you always at side.
I love when my heart skips a beat,
       And in your arms I belong.
So believe me when I tell you:
      "I've loved you all along."
I am not everything,
  But I am something.
Tell me no,
  And I'll pretend you said yes.
I am a person,
  And I have feelings too.
I am free,
  But still trapped in this thing we called life.
I am loud,
  Like a thunderstorm on a summer's day.
I am a singer,
  And I sing nothing but the truth.
I am a writer,
  My life is just words on a page.
I am strong,
  Both emotionally and physically.
I am broken,
  But in no need of repair.
I am a child,
  Still constantly reaching out for my mommy's hand.
I am a Seattleite
  The rain brings me joy.
I am a video game character,
  Challenges always stand in my way.
I am a mathlete,
  My mind is all numbers.
I am a nerd,
  And I fight to be heard.
I am a perfectionist,
  I always strive to be better.
I am misunderstood,
  And terrified of what is ahead.
I am confused and unsure,
  But always try to hide it.
I may not be the person you want me to be,
  But that's because it's not your life I'm living.
I am not popular,
  I am not fake.
I am not like everyone else,
  No, I am ME.
Haikus are easy.
But sometimes they don't make sense.
(a collection of haikus)

His name was Charlie.
It was him that I fell for,
But he let me fall.

So I tell you this:
Do not fall for those people
Who will not catch you.

Thought he was the one,
But I was wrong about him.
He stole my one heart.

Did he think I cared?
Maybe Charlie did not think.
Maybe it's my fault.

My heart is now his.
Forever his, and it is
Not to be returned.

His skin tone? Olive.
His hair? Dark brown and curly.
His eyes? Chocolate.

He was it. The one.
Or so I thought to myself,
I was proven wrong.
Two Apart
Natalie Wong
Two simple words.
Two simple people.
Together, not so simple.
For those two words,
They keep us apart.
Yours in South.
Mine is North.
South America.
North America.
So close word wise.
But geographically,
that is a different story.
Two hearts.
Two people.
Two words.
Two places.
Just in case you forget
Natalie Wong

Just in case you forget;
I love you,
No matter what I say or do.
And I hate eggs,
And you love them.
You embarrass me,
And I put my hands over my face.
I love dancing and singing
And you tell me to quiet down.
You start dancing
And I say "just stop!"
I cry,
And you come to comfort me.
I yell at you;
And you try to calm me down.
We fight,
I know its not right.
But either way,
I love you.
I wanted to let you know,
Just in case you forget...




Natalie Wong
I’m shedding these tears because of you.
You told me to trust you, and I did.
But it ended up just the way I suspected.
You’ll never talk to me again.
And, just in case you didn’t know:
You broke your promise.





Natalie Wong
Don’t listen to a word you’ve heard,
Because it’s a hurricane full of lies.
Try to drown them out.
What comes from your lips,
Doesn’t have meaning.
It’s what comes from your heart;
But your heart has too many wants and needs,
Don’t trust it either.